What sources (conventional and unconventional) of data can we look to in Atlantic Canada?

Image by USGS

By: Jocelyn Pender, Robert Buchkowski, Courtney Burk, Riley Scanlan, Miranda Frison, Geneva Bahen, Firas, Data Sharing Working Group

The data sharing working group has developed a data catalogue to facilitate knowledge sharing of existing data sources in Atlantic Canada and their utility for modelling: atlantichabitatmodels.github.io/data. Note that this is a beta product that is still in the development and testing phase and is not complete.

We hope that this data catalogue will:

  1. Facilitate awareness of modelling datasets
  2. Provide guidance on the appropriate use of datasets
  3. Ensure data is accessible for use in models

Next steps for data catalogue improvement: add more data sources to the Data Catalogue, continue to clean metadata, add tags, enable search across tags, and add comments with guidance on the use of the data products and data product ratings.