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Existing Best Practices

NatureServe Network Species Habitat Model Standard Version 1.0

NatureServe Species Habitat Modelling Best Practices Wiki

Araújo, Miguel B., et al. “Standards for distribution models in biodiversity assessments.” Science Advances 5.1 (2019): eaat4858.

MaxEnt Best Practices by Tyler Smith


GBIF Data Use Club

Training Videos and Training Resources

Primer on species distribution modelling for new projects by Dr. Alana Westwood

SDM online course by the BCCVL

ENM2020: A Free Online Course and Set of Resources on Modeling Species’ Niches and Distributions

Biodiversity Informatics Training Curriculum

ENM section of GBIF data use course

Best Practices in Species Distribution Modeling: A Workshop in R

Scientific Literature

Etherington, Thomas R. and Lieske, David J. Re: Resampling methods for evaluating classification accuracy of wildlife habitat models. ReScience (2019)

A. Lee‐Yaw, Julie, et al. “Species distribution models rarely predict the biology of real populations.” Ecography 2022.6 (2022): e05877.

Guisan, Antoine, et al. “Predicting species distributions for conservation decisions.” Ecology letters 16.12 (2013): 1424-1435.

MacPherson, M.P. et al. 2020 An introduction to predictive distribution modelling for conservation to encourage novel perspectives

Domain Specific Resources

Machine Learning


Anything by Michael L. Morrison: his work is insightful from a landscape ecology / environmental GIS modelling perspective.


Wildlife-Habitat Relationships Concepts and Applications: Wildlife-Habitat Relationships goes beyond introductory wildlife biology texts to provide wildlife professionals and students with an understanding of the importance of habitat relationships in studying and managing wildlife.

Generalized Linear Models

Occupancy Modelling

MacKenzie, Darryl I., et al. Occupancy estimation and modeling: inferring patterns and dynamics of species occurrence. Elsevier, 2017.



The Canadian Human Footprint

Province Specific

Newfoundland Open Data