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Community of Practice Monthly Meetings

February 2024

We are looking forward to reconnecting with everyone on February 23rd from 2 to 4 pm. A meeting invite has been sent to the distribution list!

Model Showcase: Whale Occurrence Model – A Case for the North Atlantic Right Whale

Assessing risk for conservation management purposes requires estimates of the threats facing species and the occurrence of the species in an area. Migratory marine species must often travel through unsuitable habitats to reach important areas such as foraging or mating grounds; therefore, occurrence estimates must consider all areas, regardless of suitable habitat characteristics. In this presentation, I will showcase a model developed to estimate the probability of whale occurrence based on principles of movement ecology and built from systematic and opportunistic sightings. The example will focus on the management case of the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale.

Alexandra Mayette, MSc – Canadian Wildlife Federation

Upcoming Meeting Themes

For the next set of meetings, we’ll enjoy model showcases from community members!

Do you have a model to showcase?! Please reach out to pender.jocelyn@gmail.com!

To participate, I’d ask that you:

  • Make your modelling code or workflow available to the community of practice
  • Provide us with enough context to understand your workflow and modelling decisions
  • Write a blog post for our website, including but not limited to model metadata and a few sentences about the model product (optional, but very valuable)
  • Your model(s) can be at the beginning stages, in progress or complete!